Thursday, August 17, 2006

Life is Busy: new church building, book club, mission trip, etc.

It's been a long time since I posted a blog. Life has been so busy.
Mike and I went on a mission trip to Delaware. We were both on staff at a youth workcamp in Magnolia Delaware. Jeremy, Aaron and Rhonda were also on staff. It was a great mission trip experience. I realized how many lonely people there are in the world and I have felt challenged since being home to start a ministry at our church visiting shut ins.
At the camp I was the photographer. This was the first year that I was not an actual "worker" at the camp. Instead, I took photos at the sites and assisted with the worship programs. I really enjoyed it. I also met so many cool kids. I especially enjoyed meeting a group from Ohio and a group from England.
The Refinery has also moved again! Our church is just under 3 years old, and we just moved to our third building. Our first year we met in the movie theater, and then we moved to an office complex. We are now leasing a church building near the Century Park neighborhood in Kernersville. Check out for details. The address of the church is 140 Forest Drive. The first Sunday in the new facility was great!
The kids are keeping us very busy too. They are both so active and they are both at challenging yet fun stages developmentally.
Work is still going great. I am finally feeling more settled in my job and I am getting to know many coworkers.
I have seen some old friends lately and that has been wonderful. My friend Anne from law school just moved back to Winston and I have seen her a few times. I also ran into an old high school classmate today at lunch. I had not seen him in 11 years!
I am still having problems with my eyes. They are very dry and I am having allergies. I can't wear contacts at all, and the doctor said I would never wear contacts again. I am very discouraged about that!
We have changed the location of our book club. We are now meeting a book store in Kernersville called Shakespeare and Company. We meet on the second Tuesday of the month. Our first meeting was great - we discussed Anne Rice's latest book, Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt. In September we will be discussing Freakonomics. So far the book is great. You can get more information about our book club (past books we have read, future books, etc. on the church web site).