Sunday, March 16, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes ....

My 2 year old has kept me VERY busy. Sometimes she keeps me busy with her questions on her own, and sometimes she has help from her 4 year old brother. The following are some conversations that we've had recently.

Easter Egg Hunt

Mom, Dad and I took the kids to the Easter egg hunt. The Easter Bunny was there. M insisted that she wanted to pick up the pink eggs. J & M had their pics taken with the Easter bunny. They had fun, but it bothers me that PARENTS get so competitive at these hunts. Older siblings and moms and dads were picking up the eggs and throwing them in their kids' baskets. You could hear parents frantically yelling for their kids to run to a different spot and quickly get eggs. I realize that the parents simply wanted the kids to get some eggs, but because of all the adult interference the eggs were gone in about two minutes. Sometimes I wish adults could just get out of the way and let kids have fun. There was also a little boy at the hunt with a walker. It broke my heart. M asked why he had the walker and I explained that it helped him walk. What I could NOT explain was why this little boy needed help walking.

Anyway, after the hunt we were walking to our car. M asked, "Where is the Easter Bunny's car?" I said I didn't know.

Here are some pics from the hunt:

Visiting with Gramma and Papa

We also went to visit my aunt. We drove by what used to be my granny's house. M looked out and said, "Does Granny live in her house or is she still died?" I told her that granny was dead. M said, "Why?" How do you answer that?

At the Japanese restaurant
J stayed with Gramma & Papa. Mike, M and I went to eat with our friends Brent, Kaylyn and Avenell at a local Japanese restaurant. We sat at our table. M was wearing her brand new pink Dora cowgirl hat and pink Dora sunglasses. She had already received a lot of stares and comments. She looked like this:

A man with long curly hair came and sat down at the table beside us. M looked at him and said, "Mommy, he has hair like you." I knew that this conversation could not be going in a good direction, so when the man looked our way, I tried to distract M by talking about her sunglasses and getting her to color. Then M looked at the man, and clearly and loudly asked, "Is that a daddy or a mama?" Kaylyn, Mike and Brent were no help, they were laughing and looking at the table. I again tried to distract M, who would not be distracted. As Mike accurately pointed out, M is used to seeing a mommy with long curly red hair and a daddy with no hair. She didn't know what to make of this guy.

Safari adventure

The kids have very active imaginations. M also LOVES crocodiles. Yes, you read that correctly - crocodiles. She tells me that a yellow crocodile comes to her room and jumps on her bed at night. When we went to the zoo, she wanted to see the crocodiles and ride on a crocodiles. She CRIED when we had to get off. I told her she could not ride again, and she insisted that she wanted to ride on a real crocodile. J wanted to ride a giraffe.

Here are some pics:

After the zoo adventure, the kids decided that they were going on a safari. They filled their Easter baskets with plastic play food and told us that after the safari they were giong on a picnic (note that when asked their favorite part about the zoo, M's favorite was riding the bus and J's favorite was having a picnic). As they walked off into the jungle of our dining room, M told us that she had the "pinoculars" (translation - binoculars).

A beautiful princess

Today, M looked especially cute. The kids and I went to eat with my mom and dad before church. Here are some pics of M.

I told the kids that if they were good, we would dye Easter eggs. They seemed very excited. However, about 10 minutes later, M asked, "Why do the Easter eggs have to die?" I had to explain that we were going to add COLOR to the eggs, not kill them.

One other note. J did some really sweet things. When I injured my back, I had to lay on the floor. J came up to me, put a blanket over me and gave me a big kiss. He also asked me often if my back was better. J also picked yellow daffodils for his daddy. He made it very clear to me that the flowers were "for daddy, NOT for you."

Below are some pics of the kids picking flowers for Daddy NOT Mommy, and there are some pics of my kids looking at my aunt's baby cow and goats.

NEVER a dull moment with these two!

I'm back

I was out of town for work for a few days and really busy. On Monday (last week), I injured my back. I went to my cycle class & then took my shower. I bent over and felt something catch in my back. I had a lot of back pain, especially when I moved or tried to sit. I called Mike and said, "I think I've done something terrible to my back." I described my symptoms. My ever supportive husband simply said, "You are getting old Beth." That made me feel really good. Having an injured back, being on muscle relaxers and having 2 small kids is also not a good combination. I will try to post some pictures to catch up.