Monday, July 02, 2007

Bay St. Louis, MS

We have returned from our mission trip to Bay St. Louis, MS. This is a picture of a truck that was swept away by the water.
This huge tree stump and roots was moved by the water to the middle of a parking lot.
The Welcome Committee - Rhonda, Mike & Don.
This was a common site - the remains of a home (usually we would see a slab with a toilet or fire place remaining and nothing else) with a FEMA trailer or some sort of tent by the former home.
This bear was swept away by the flood waters. It landed on a pile of debris behind the home of the child that owned it.
People often painted warnings on their homes as well as requests that a place not be destroyed.
This was left after Katrina.

Mike & me.
The remains of a mobile home.
The pier was washed away.
What remains of a home.
The staff from the Refinery: Front Row - Matt, Tyler, Aaron, Jennifer, me. Back Row - Jeremy, Kipp, Rhonda, Mike.

The inside of a home.
The inside of a business.

A house that had not been touched since Katrina. The house was filled with mold and workers had to wear special suits when they attempted to gut the house.
A historical building that was moved by the surge.

Downtown - many houses still need repairs.

Rhonda, me, Jennifer

A church that is not yet repaired.
Our home for the week.
The Cox family.

This sign was common throughout the gulf coast.

The bridge

Home Sweet Home
Chickie - 80+ years old - she had lived in her family home for her entire life. Many hurricanes were survived in her home. When Katrina came, the water went over the roof of her home - which was 2 stories high. Chickie's home was many miles from the Bay.

Armon is special. He has done mission work in Africa - he gave massages to orphans and people in Hospice homes. He has MS and lost his home after Katrina. He lived for a few months in a tent before he finally got a FEMA trailer. He is a beautiful person and he understands how to celebrate every moment of life. He had parties after Katrina and is often seen with a clown nose on. A quote from Armon, "Have a great day, or not. It's your choice." This sums up his attitude.
I met Billy on the pier. This sweet boy was running around in nothing but a diaper.

A tent that some people still live in.
The water went over this bridge near Pearlington.
The stories of the people of Waveland and Bay St. Louis were amazing. We were there the last week of June 2007. It is sad that so many people still do not have homes to live in. Not only were homes lost, but jobs, businesses, and family members were also lost due to Katrina. Words cannot describe the devastation that still remains. However, so many people were filled with hope and gratitude for the masses that have made the trip to the gulf to help them rebuild.


Sally Gupton said...

amazing photos!

Emeriol said...

Absolutely incredible. It seems impossible that the area is still in such bad condition after 2 years. It looks like the hurricane came through there yesterday...

Kristie said...

i love your photos.. my favorites are of Chickie in front of the red wall and the door frame in the tree...

I'm glad you could still find such beauty in a place that was so devastated... God surely is in the details

love and miss ya!