Monday, July 09, 2007

Have a great day!

“Have a great day or not …. Your choice.” Arman Codianne

The statement above may not seem profound to some of you. However, if you knew Arman and the hardships that he has endured, you would understand how miraculous these words are.

Arman is a massage therapist that lives in Waveland Mississippi. A few years ago, he traveled to Africa. He wanted to bring joy to the hurting, so he performed massage therapy on AIDS patients that were in Hospice care. When Hurricane Katrina hit, Arman had evacuated. When he returned, he found his home completely flattened. Nothing was left except a pile of rubble. Arman was unable to obtain a FEMA trailer for a few months, so he lived in a 3 person tent. Did I mention that Arman has Multiple Sclerosis?

Despite his illness and the fact that he has spent almost the last 2 years in a tent or a FEMA trailer, not to mention the fact that he lost his business, Arman is the most joyful person you will ever meet. Instead of crying about his circumstances, Arman organized a costume party for friends after Hurricane Katrina. Arman can often be found wearing a clown nose, because, as he states, it is hard for someone to remain mad at a person wearing a clown nose.

When I asked Arman about his amazing outlook on life despite his difficult circumstances, Arman replied, “What else would I do, just sit around and cry?”

In Philippians chapter 1, Paul is writing a letter while he is imprisoned. Phil 1:18 states, “I will continue to rejoice.” Paul does not say, “if my life improves I will rejoice” because Paul understands a fundamental truth – the circumstances around me do not make me rejoice, I choose to rejoice. Despite the hardship in his life, Arman understands that his hardships and circumstances do not determine whether he has a great day. Only he can determine if he has a great day.

I hope that each of you will choose to have a great day today and each day that follows.

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