Sunday, October 07, 2007

Land of Oz

When Mike was 4, his parents took him to the Land of Oz, which is in Banner Elk, NC (near Grandfather Mountain). This park is closed now and opens one weekend a year. We took the kids, and they loved it. Below are some pictures of the day. The kids were fearless! At one point the wicked witch talked to them and they simply smiled and answered her questions! The kids were so cute and smiled and said "CHEESE" for every picture. Other people at the event even asked to take their picture!

The tour of Oz started in Kansas. We visited the Magician and Dorothy's house. We then visited the house after the tornado and exited the house into Oz! We saw the Wicked Witch of the East under the House and then traveled along the yellow brick road where we met many characters!

As a child, I LOVED the movie and drove my parents crazy watching it. I think I enjoyed my visit to Oz as much as the kids!


Malsy said...

my gosh they're cute!!
Was wizard of Oz filmed there or soemthing? I honestly don't know!!

Following Forward said...

omigoodness- the cutest pictures it!!!!! Can we go with you next year??!!

creesta said...

Oh, Beth! They're adorable!!!

Kristie said...

this is the greatest thing ever!!!!!