Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas - the anticipation!

The kids came up with some very interesting things to pretend prior to Christmas. After we took the kids to a live nativity scene, they loved playing "baby Jesus." They had a doll, which was baby Jesus. They took the doll to birthday parties (Jesus was usually turning 2), and then after Jesus, Pooh, Tigger and friends had eaten lots of cake and played games, they took Baby Jesus trick or treating. One night, J pretended to be at a house and knocked on the door. He said, "give baby Jesus some candy too! He gets hungry too!" I asked what Baby Jesus was dressed as and J said a goat. J would also always tell M the proper way to hold baby Jesus like Mary.

The kids also LOVED playing Santa. J generally wore a Santa hat and M wore reindeer antlers. J would fill the laundry basket with toys, and then he would try to tie a jump rope around M so that she could pull him in his "sleigh". M always informed me that she was "Donner" the reindeer. One night, J asked M and me to sit on his lap to tell him what we wanted for Christmas.

I am posting some pictures of these fun games. The kids were also convinced it would snow on Christmas because it "always snows on Christmas" and we were instructed that we could NOT have a fire in the fire place so that Santa could get down the chimney.

We also had our first advent calendar filled with candy. The kids fought over who could get the candy out of the slot, but they were always willing to break the candy into two pieces and share.

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