Saturday, December 01, 2007

Nemo On Ice and a Chance to be Generous!

We traveled to Gboro today to see Disney's Nemo on Ice. After M's seizure at the Doodlebops, Disney was generous enough to offer us tickets to Nemo on Ice since we missed the entire Doodlebops show.

When we arrived, we saw my friends, John, Jane & their kids. When we picked up our tickets we realized that we were all sitting together! To make matters even better, I received 8 tickets instead of 4. When we realized that we had extra tickets, we saw a large family waiting to buy tickets. I walked up and said, "Are you buying tickets?" The mother said, "Yes." I told her that I had 4 tickets. She asked how much they would cost and I said, "These tickets are free." She looked at me in disbelief and said, "Free?" I said, "Merry Christmas" and left. It was great to make someone's day.

We found our seats and the kids LOVED the show. They were a little restless during the second half but they really enjoyed it. I took a few pictures but it was very dark. At least you can get the idea.

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Malsy said...

Was this a musical? It looks alot liek the show at DIsney world that we ADORED!!!

don't you love being able to do something completely surprisng for someone you don't know at all???