Thursday, November 15, 2007

Febrile Seizure & Pneumonia

On Saturday, Mike and I were taking the kids to see the Doodlebops (a disney show) in Greensboro. We got there early. Mike took Jacob to the bathroom and I noticed that Maria's head felt hot. Then, she took a raspy breath, her eyes rolled back in her head and she stopped breathing. Her lips began to turn blue and I could not get her to wake up. Of course I paniced, screamed for help, for someone to do cpr, etc. No one knew CPR, and the two folks that worked at the coliseum were as paniced as me. When I realized they could not help, I ran into the hall screaming for help. Mike ran up and blew into maria's mouth and she began to open her eyes. The EMS folks at the coliseum arrived at about that time. Then they checked maria out and gave her oxygen. They called the ambulance and they took us to moses cone. When we got there, we found out maria's temp was over 103. They did chest x-rays and other tests and determined she had a virus and had a febrile seizure. We brought her home with instructions to give her tylenol and motrin. We did that round the clock and then Sunday night her fever went back up to 103. She was coughing and feeling terrible. Her fever broke around 2 am. Monday morning at her dr, they told me that it seems like it is just a virus and that febrile seizures are fairly common in young kids. The doctor told me that his daughter also had a seizure at 2 years old. His wife was also alone with his daughter and he said it took a while for his wife to get over it.

I now know that I do not respond well under such circumstances - I became hysterical because I literally thought she had died in my arms. I am so thankful that she is ok. I am also so thankful that we were at the coliseum where the EMS folks could give us immediate assistance.

Since then, Maria has kept a fever despite giving her tylenol and motrin. On Tuesday night her fever went to 105 so we took her to the Emergency Dept at Baptist. The Emergency Dept visits are so hard because of all the tests they have to do (Maria screams and cries). However, the nurses and doctors were wonderful. They diagnosed her with pneumonia and put her on antibiotics. The fever is finally down, so I hope that she is on the road to recovery.

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Malsy said...

here's to a quick recovery and lots of sleep for mom and dad to recover as well! you are all in our prayers!