Monday, November 26, 2007

Still sick

We had to take Maria back to the emergency room on Saturday night. On Friday at 5:15 when she awoke from her nap, she had a fever. Of course I discovered this just after the doctor's office had closed for the weekend. She kept a fever friday night and Saturday. The fever was as high as 103 (she had a seizure when it reached 103 before). I called the nurse on call and she called the doctor on call. He was concerned because the strong antibiotics should have cured the pneumonia and he wanted more tests so he told me to take Maria back to the emergency dept. I took Maria on Saturday night. She did not want to go to the doctor and she told me and the nurse, "I do not want a booda booda". This is what she calls a catheter. The doctors ran more tests and determined that it is a virus. They said that the xray of her lungs looks a lot better so the pneumonia is not an issue now.

I am relieved that it was not something serious, but it is also so frustrating. This is our 3rd trip to the emergency room in 2 weeks and Maria is still sick. On the discharge instructions that they gave me, it said that I should bring Maria back if she has a fever above 102 for more than 3 days. She's had a fever for a few weeks, and at times her fever has gotten up to 105.

On a lighter note, Maria kept the Emergency Dept staff entertained. Two doctors and a few nurses came into her room just to talk to Maria. They said that they loved to hear her talk and could not beleive that she was only 2 becuase she can talk so well.

Maria seems to be doing ok this morning. Please pray that she will recover.

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