Saturday, November 10, 2007

New Adventures - Boot, Carnival, Goats, & Cows

Below are a few pictures. There is a picture of me and my friend (and cousin's wife) Kerrie at their new house. There are pictures of the cows, goats and the kids at Aunt Betty's. The kids LOVE to feed the goats acorns and feed the cows apples and pears. Maria, who loves to climb, was caught climbing the fence. There are also pictures of Hanging Rock.

In one picture, Jacob has his foot on a stool and has a boot on. My dad and mom have each had numerous foot problems lately. They have been wearing a boot. I came home from work one day and Jacob had on one running shoe and a boot. He told me that he "hurt his foot at work" and so he was wearing a boot like Papa.

We also took the kids to a carnival in town. They had a blast!

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Following Forward said...

Hey! Did you get a new cell #? I have been trying to call you and see how both you and Maria are doing this eveing. Anyway- I love these pictures, they are so cute!