Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Who is your Deborah?

Mike has been preaching a series about friends. This week he talked about Deborah. Deborah rocks(Deborah was one of the few people in the Bible that held the titles of prophet/prophetess, judge and military leader). You can read all about her in Judges Chapter 4 and 5.

One aspect of Mike's sermon looked at the way Deborah had Barak's back (he was a military leader in the story and she went with him to war). In his illustration, Mike talked about how many of us may have numerous people praying for us that we do not even realize are praying for us. This had an immediate impact on me. A few Sundays before, I shared a praise for my sweet miracle, Jacob. As most of you know, Jacob was a miracle baby. I was on bed rest with him from the time I was 24 weeks pregnant. I was in the hospital for 12 weeks. You can read about it in this post. After the service when I shared a praise that Jacob was celebrating his 5th birthday, a lady that attends our church now (Main Street) approached me. She told me that she and her entire department at a hospital in High Point had been praying for me and my son. She did not know me at the time, but another lady, from our previous church (Shady Grove), had shared my story and requested prayer. It was amazing that this woman and her coworkers had prayed for me for weeks. I did not know that they were praying, but I could feel their prayers.

This post is simply to say THANK YOU to the many friends and family members that have loved me and supported me from near and far. I am so grateful.

My miracle thanks you too.

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Gretchen said...


When I was moving I found a letter I had started writing you and hadn't finished. It was during your time on bed rest. When I read it I was so thankful that God had answered the prayers of so many. Jacob is looking so grown up! He is so beautiful!