Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Funny kids!

J & M have such active imaginations. When I came home from work yesterday, M ran to the door in a blue shirt and skirt and informed me that she was Wendy (from Peter Pan). J was crawling on all 4s in a dog costume. He could not answer questions about his day, he could only bark. He gave me a lick instead of a kiss.

M also tells us each day who is coming to visit her at night. Sometimes the yellow crocodile comes and jumps on her bed and tickles her under her chin. Last night the pink dinosaur was not coming to visit because he was sick with a headache and the hiccups. Sometimes a kitty visits and sleeps in her bed.

The kids also love to play with a toy nativity set. They take Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus to parades, car shows, and many other exciting activities.

A few nights ago, M wanted water (this happens every night - it is a stall tactic - when she is in bed she says she needs water). J said he would take her a cup of water. We have cups that have animals on them. J handed her a cup of water in bed and said, "Hold it with both hands so you won't spill it." Then he asked her what was on the cup. He asked if she was finished, and then she asked for more water. J said, "no, you don't need anymore." He sounded like an adult!

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bridgmanpottery said...

we just got a book of 40 bible stories for Lent- they are all lenten themed- but N really gets into them. Haven't gotten to the swimsoup section yet.