Saturday, February 23, 2008

Long Time No Post

I've been really sick. I'm not sure if I only had a cold or something worse, but I've been sick for well over a week. It has taken all of my energy to work and keep up with the kids.

I generally don't do surveys, but my friend Kaylyn tagged me so I promised her my comeback blog would be this.

Four jobs I have had in my life:
-Working in tobacco fields
-Taping packs of cigarettes together and inserting a coupon for RJR's buy one get one free promotion
-Chemist in a Biochemistry Lab
-Attorney (clerk for a federal judge, in private practice, and now in-house for a hospital)

Four movies I could watch over and over:
-Shawshank Redemption
-Little Miss Sunshine
-Pans Labyrinth
-Lord of the Rings

Four shows that I watch:
-The Office
-48 Hours Mystery

Four Places I have been:
-New York

Four people who email me regularly:

Four of My Favorite Foods:
-Filet Mignon
-Dark chocolate

Four Places I would rather be right now:
-Hanging out with girlfriends
-A spa
-Traveling with my hubby and kids
-Riding my mountain bike on a great trail

Four things I am looking forward to in the next 12 months:
-Trip with Mom
-10 year anniversary
-Watching the kids change

Four Goals for the New Year:
-Keep exercising at least 4 days a week
-Pay off some debt
-Lose some weight
-Become more self-aware

Four Gifts I got for Christmas:
-new headphones (my old ones fell out of my ears at the gym)

Four places I want to visit: (traveling is one of my favorite things, so it is almost impossible to identify only 4)
-Australia/New Zealand
-Galapagos Islands
-Africa - for a safari

Four Things you might not know about me:
-I am a real geek (I love to learn about everything)
-I would love to own a Harley
-I took dance lessons for 13 years (ballet, tap, jazz, and I even had break dancing lessons once)
-I am good at Air Hockey

Four Things I wish I could be better at:
-Being carefree (I wish I did not worry and feel guilty so often)
-Being selfless
-I'd love to be a better mom

Four things I can cook without a recipe: (this is nearly impossible for me to answer - cooking makes me break out in hives)
-Scrambled eggs
-Pop Tarts

Musicians that I really like:
-Third Day
-Jack Johnson
-Dave Crowder Band

Drinks that I LOVE:
-hot tea
-cream soda

Now, I need to tag four people:
Mike, Melissa, Mal, Kristie

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