Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Parting of the Red Sea According to a 2 year old

Mike bought a Bible book for the kids. Each night, we read a new story. A few nights ago, we read about the parting of the Red Sea. M asked why the people crossing the sea did not have on their "swimsoups" (translation: swim suits). I told her that they were not planning to go swimming and that God parted the waters so they could cross and stay dry.

The next morning at breakfast, M looked at me and said, "Will you part the waters of the pool please please please?" I explained that although I can do many things, I cannot part the seas, the waters of the pool, the waters of the bathtub, etc. Then she said, "only God can do that right?" I said yes.

Later M had the book in the living room and she was telling the story to J. She said, "All of the people forgot to wear their swimsoups so God made the wind blow really hard and parted the sea so that the people could walk through and not get wet."

Now you know what really happened. If the Israelites had worn swimsoups, we may have missed out on a miracle.

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