Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Games We Play

As many of you know, a favorite activity to do with friends is have game night. Game night usually includes food (everyone brings a dish, baked ziti from Brick Oven, or Pizza), lots of games, and friends. It is harder to have game night now that we have kids, but we still manage to have game night fairly regularly. We are always interested to hear about fun games, so let us know if you have suggestions.

Some of our favorites that we highly recommend:

1. Settlers of Catan - this takes skill, strategy and can be addictive. Thanks to Brent and Kaylyn for introducing us to this game!
2. Cranium Pop 5 - anything that gives me the opportunity to hum old Madonna songs is a favorite
3. Catch Phrase - I get very competitive when I play this game!
4. Loaded Questions - this game is great to get to know people. It also makes you laugh when silly friends have crazy answers to the questions!
5. Monopoly - I always win
6. Chess - Mike and I used to play this often, but I've found that I am often tired and do not enjoy playing as much when I cannot focus all of my attention on the game.
7. Checkers
8. Scrabble - when I was in the hospital on bed rest Mike and I played this daily
9. Phase 10 - this is a very fun card game; one of our former youth introduced us to this game.
10. Rummy
11. Rook - my family (in laws and my parents love to play this)
12. Battle of the Sexes - this game is fun, but the men's questions tend to be easier than the questions that the women have to answer!

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