Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hugs, Hair, Friends, Good Times

We had dinner at Red Robin for the first time with friends. The kids loved it!

I had my hair cut. My hair dresser can blow my hair out straight. I always leave it wavy in the back (I just pretend that there is no hair back there) and I only work with the front when I style it. Mike loves it straight.

The kids had fun playing with Avenell. J carried around a doll (formerly baby Jesus) - now the baby doll is Avenell.

We made Gingerbread cookies. It was a mix that I bought 90% off at Target after Christmas. As most of you know, I have very few abilities in the kitchen. The mix said I needed honey (which I thought we had, but we were out). I substituted pancake syrup. I did the best I could to help the kids make the cookies. They had fun squeezing the tube of icing into their mouths.


Following Forward said...

so cute!! Oh- and we ate at Red Robin in Maryland- where is one around here??!! We need to go again!!

Malsy (THE Moe of DMOE) said...

you look really good bethie! It is such an investment to take care of yourself once in a while! But I forget that so often with all the other stuff we (as moms, wives, women) are in charge of!!!

Love YA!

Kristie said...

i love the picture of you and Maria with her face smushed up all cute (1st one of you two in the chair).. your hair is looooovely! as always :)