Thursday, January 17, 2008

Goals - What Is Success?

In the seminar that I attended, we needed to think about our goals. The seminar also discused success. We discussed why women are graduating from college and professional school at the same or higher rates than men, yet there are still very few women CEOs. Although we all acknowledged there is still a glass ceiling in some companies, family responsibilites make it difficult for women, and other issues contribute to the lack of female CEOs, one thing that stuck out for me is that many women may not WANT to be CEOs. To be a CEO is not only not their goal, but it is not what they would consider "success".

I am trying to determine what I view as success. Often I want it all - successful career (whatever that means), to be a successful mother (again, what does that mean?), to be happy and fulfilled, to have a balanced life, etc. I haven't clearly determined what I view as success.

What do you view as success?

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