Saturday, January 26, 2008

My big scare

Today started off as a normal day. Maria did something really sweet - out of the blue she said, "Mommy I love you SOOOOOO much." She and Jacob spent the morning playing. Mike was not home, and as I was getting dressed I heard the kids jumping on the bed. I told them to stop. Then, a second later I heard Maria screaming. I ran in her room and there was blood all over her eye. I have no problem with blood(remember I observed an autopsy and pulled the brain out), but I immediately thought the worst (she may have seriously injured her eye, scratched her cornea, etc.) I ran and put a cold cloth on her eye and tried to call Mike. He said he was coming home and I tried to call the doctor. I was a crying mess. Jacob told me she fell off the bed. Then he hugged me and told me Maria would be ok. I later learned Maria had fallen on a plastic toy, hit her eye, and then her "eye cracked open" (in the words of Jacob). She had a cut on her eyelid that had caused her to bleed.

She is fine now (except for a swollen eye and cut eyelid). However, I was a wreck. I guess I am still so overprotective and worried since the seizure scare.

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