Saturday, January 05, 2008

Life of Pi and exercise

I just finished Life of Pi. I was shocked by the ending. I really enjoyed the book, and will elaborate more after book club.

I need to post pics from Christmas and New Years. I am behind. I am simply tired. M was sick almost all of November, and then December was filled with Christmas activities. I desperately want to spend a day in my PJs resting.

I am taking a cycling class at the gym, and it is the greatest workout! I did not work out the week of Christmas, so I wanted to get in a good work out the day after New Years. The class was supposed to last 45 minutes, but there were only 2 of us and the instructor so we made it an hour class. I love the variety of the class. I thought you would simply ride a stationary bike, but it is much more fun and challenging. You stand up at times, you sometimes go up "hills" and at other times you sprint. I think that I work out much harder in the class because the instructor is encouraging us. The only bad thing is that the class is only 2 mornings a week. I will probably keep doing the elliptical the other two days. I seem to have reached a weight loss and a fitness plateau, so I am trying to add variety. I do the treadmill some days, but it hurts my knees and sometimes I get blisters. For the runners that read this blog, comment or email me if you have any suggestions to prevent blisters!

I miss Yoga. I went regularly to a class that met on Tuesdays and Thursdays over lunch. I usually cannot work out at lunch because I sweat and get very red (I do not understand these women that do not sweat! I wish I knew the secret). Because I get so sweaty, I would have to shower and reapply make up so I would have to take a 2-3 hour lunch, which is impossible. I tried Yoga at lunch because I don't sweat during Yoga, and I needed something that I could do on the mornings that I could not get up at 5 am. I love Yoga, but work has been busy and it is really hard to get away during lunch. I may try to do some Yoga on Fit TV, but I really like having an instructor in class to correct my form.

If you have any good ideas to add variety to a work out, let me know!

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Kristie said...

I love lifting weights. I took a weight lifting class my final semester at State and couldn't believe the improvement I saw in such a short period of time. My goal was to be able to do 2 pull ups by the end of the semester and I was about to do 4!! I'd never been able to do one!! Anyway I think it is great to get a few free weights and try doing some arm exercises to start off at home. I've read alot about how it has more benefits than doing an equal amount of cardio (though obviously doing both is best...) anyway.. might be something to look into.. plus its fun to feel like you can kick someone's butt :) and you can quickly see improvement in the amount you can lift and your endurance... which I enjoyed being able to see on paper (as my numbers went up and my body mass went down!)

I suppose after that spill I should get back to lifting weights again huh?! :)